Are Injury Awards to Much?

After motorcycle or car accidents, insurance companies try to assign a dollar amount for compensation for injuries and property damage. Insurance companies have tables which assign a value to various injuries; these tables are very impersonal and cannot take into account how the injury changed a person’s life, how it took away their ability to do things that they love, and the ability to financially care for oneself and family. A table of numbers can not put a value on how the injury might impact a person for the rest of their life. And, certainly a table or statistical data can not put a value on a human life.

A Washington personal injury attorney knows you personally; they know how the accident impacted you and your family and they fight and use their legal expertise to insure you receive just and fair compensation for your injuries, including pain and suffering.

A lot of million-dollar settlements make the news. Some amounts may seem very large but one needs to know first hand the pain and suffering an accident victim endures, the therapy they may require for years to come, the adjustments to their lives and losing the mobility we all take for granted. When one puts a face on a victim, they realize these awards are not out of line.

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