Appeals Court Hears Wrongful Death Arguements

It’s been 16 years since a football player was shot and killed.

On Thursday, court proceedings continued with no telling how long the legal battle will continue.

This time, the venue was the Court of Appeals.

The court heard oral arguments in the in favor of the victim wrongful death lawsuit against the man who admitted to shooting the football player.

The the family of the football player won the wrongful death suit against the accused and were awarded $63 million.

The shooter’s attorneys are appealing the judgment, claiming the civil suit exceeded the statute of limitations and was filed too late.

They also argue the judgment was excessive.

Over the next couple of weeks, the Court of Appeals hopes to have a decision made for the sake of both parties.

The shooter was not in court Thursday.

We’re told his attorneys are prepared to take this case to the Supreme Court if the Appeals Court doesn’t rule in his favor.