Motorcycle Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Lawyers

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Lawyers

Motorcycles are more common on our Texas roadways than ever before. These oft-repeated motorcycle safety tips never go out of style, so we mention them again here:motorcycle accident lawyers

1. Always assume that you and your motorcycle are totally invisible to other drivers.

2. Leave plenty of space in front and back and to the sides from all other vehicles.

3. Beware of motorists turning left in front of you at intersections.

4. Beware of taking curves that you can’t see around. A parked car, slick surface, or a patch of sand may be awaiting you.

5. If someone is tailgating you, either speed up to open more space or pull over and let them pass.

6. Take a motorcycle safety course to learn what to look for to avoid accidents.

7. Wear protective clothing and a helmet.

Financial Losses Can Be Big in Motorcycle Accidents, So You May Want to Consult a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

In Texas, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits are not available to motorcyclists. This means that in the event of injury in a motorcycle accident, private health insurance must pay the bills. If there is no health coverage, then are going to rack up significant medical expenses (by those doctors who are still willing to treat you). Some doctors may outright suggest that you hire a motorcycle accident attorney to pursue a legal claim against the at-fault motorist who caused your crash. Why? So the medical bills charged by your doctors, who have worked hard to help you get better and healed (to the extent possible), have a realistic chance of being paid.

The fact is, your doctors don’t want you to have a stack of huge medical bills you can’t pay. That doesn’t help them, and they know that doesn’t help you.

If the rider has a claim pursued by his or her Texas motorcycle lawyer, and that motorcycle accident attorney secures a settlement of the claim, then medical bills must usually be paid back: (1) to the health insurance carrier when health insurance has paid the bills; or (2) if there is no health insurance available, then to the health care provider e.g. doctor, hospital, therapy, etc.).

Consult an experienced Texas motorcycle attorney and personal injury attorney so you know where you stand.

Motorcyclists Are at Risk

Bikers face a challenging set of roads out there. We know that roughly 3/4 of motorcycle accidents involve a collision with another vehicle; most often a passenger automobile. The other 1/4 of motorcycle accidents are single vehicle accidents involving the motorcycle colliding with the roadway or some fixed object in the environment.

When a vehicle crashes into a motorcycle, it is more often the other motorist’s failure to yield or encroaching on the biker’s right of way. In other words, drivers of passenger cars and SUV fail to share the road. We see this most at intersections, when the motorcycle proceeding straight and a car makes a left turn in front of the oncoming motorcycle.motorcycle accident attorney

Serious Injuries Caused by Others’ Carelessness

When you, or a loved one, have been seriously hurt in a motorcycle crash, then contact a motorcycle accident lawyer at the Harris Law Firm. Why? Your physical injuries could last a lifetime. Your medical bills can quickly overwhelm you. Your lost income can create a financial hole, coupled with your medical expenses and injuries, that make it extremely difficult (or impossible) to overcome. If the motorcycle crash was not your fault, but instead due to someone’s carelessness, then why should have to pay for their critical mistake? Why should you bear the entirety of the loss?

You have to focus on healing and moving forward. An experienced and driven Texas motorcycle accident attorney at your side, standing by you, will take up your fight against the insurance companies, work toward settlement or a lawsuit, and work toward restoring financial certainty, security, and stability in your life. Your motorcycle lawyer at the Harris Law Firm will work for you. More on this website

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