LA Weight Loss Wrongful Death Suit Settled

A wrongful death lawsuit against L.A. Weight Loss Centers Inc. has settled for $700,000.

According to a March 3 order approving the settlement, L.A. Weight Loss will make payment to the two children of a woman who allegedly suffered fatal liver failure after using supplements recommended to her by the staff of a center.

The woman’s sister sued on behalf of the estate and on behalf of the deceased’s minor daughter.

Of the $700,000, about $311,000 will go to attorneys for fees and costs.

The remaining funds will be split between two children, totaling out to about $194,484.41.

The suit had been set for trial earlier this month.

According to the suit, after the woman sought help losing weight, she was given and used supplements that were not tested or regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

She later developed symptoms of liver disease and sought treatment at a Medical Center.

She was transferred to a Hospital  where she was diagnosed with liver failure caused by the supplements.

She was placed on the liver transplant list.

She died of liver failure before getting a donor liver.

The suit sought damages of at least $50,000 per count and costs.
The County Circuit Judge  approved the settlement last week.