TBI symptoms: How to define them and file for a brain damage lawsuit?

TBI symptoms: How to define them and file for a brain damage lawsuit?

One of the most serious injuries that can occur in an accident is a traumatic brain damage. Such injury is usually caused by another person’s negligence. If you think that your brain injury or the extent of your brain injury was a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible for a full monetary compensation. What’s more, if your injury appeared in an accident provoked by someone who was under the influence of alcohol or medication, that person will most probably be a subject to criminal penalties, involving imprisonment for DUI. personal injry attorneys

Brain Damage Lawsuit

A reputable brain injury attorney can supply you with examples of traumatic brain injury financial compensations and court awards, and help you determine your legal rights. This is why you should hire one from the very beginning of the case. Our firm has successfully handled many TBI claims. We provide a free initial consultation, so call our office today.

Depending which area of your brain was damaged and the severity of the harm done, different indications of brain injury may appear – from mild or moderate to severe. They include:

Symptoms that affect your ability to be aware, remember and process information, known as cognitive symptoms
Symptoms, affecting the way an individual acts, known as behavioral symptoms
Symptoms, affecting the way an individual feels, known as emotional symptoms
Symptoms, affecting the way the body of an individual feels, known as physical symptoms
When children are involved in a brain damage injury, it cannot be detected so easily as kids are unable to describe the way they feel physically and emotionally as adults do.accident attorneys

If you have witnessed an accident and you think that the victims may suffer a TBI, you should look for the following symptoms in order to determine that:

Period of unconsciousness – less than 10 min
Temporary amnesia
Thinking and sentence constructing problems
Problems with reading

If you have already determined your/their state and you are absolutely sure that it is a TBI, you should act immediately and file a brain damage lawsuit. Failure to do so may not lead to a happy financial outcome. Although not all cases go to trial, you must be prepared with the most aggressive lawyer if you want to receive a fair monetary settlement.